Vega’s Amazing Maintenance Package!

So what’s special about Vega maintenance and support package? Some Hydraulic Companies foster a great staff of professionals with years of experience mainly or solely inside their Head Quarter. Everybody seems very confident they can solve all worries and stress of their customers. But what happen when problems arise far away from home? What then?

Vega Hydraulic Company has developed a series of tools readily available to support their customers both near and far. Let’s now review all these helps…

1-Quickly Supply of Spare Parts anywhere!

Vega can supply all spare parts to every corner of the planet literally overnight. Keeping a big supply of spare parts in their warehouses and using only accredited curriers to ship all around the world allow Vega to deliver just-in-time parts to all customers in need.

2-Maintenance Videos

Scraper Seal OrientationOnce you received your part from Vega you need to know how to repair your cylinder.Vega has published an APP available for iOS and Android that contains all necessary instruction Videos to guide you through the maintenance with a smile. This app and the videos are available in different languages and are available anytime and anywhere (including mainland China).


3-Tool Bag

Sometimes a screwdriver and nipper are just not enough. Vega has also manufactured a Service Bag with all necessary tools to help you maintain your cylinder without damaging any Servicebag1parts. The use of these tools can REALLY speed up your downtime! 

4-Available Information Online

Vega has also added special features in the application for phones and tablet to quickly and correctly find the needed

spare part and also to report your claim without missing any relevant information. socialFurthermore a Blog is available online with Case Studies and Technical Articles to give you more insight.

4-Support Network

Last but not least, Vega has trained for years professionals in many lands and we can really give support round the clock. For example in China, Vega has staged a complete maintenance room where we can replicate all assembly operations and simulate cylinder working conditions.  Find out more about Vega support teams on


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