Vega’s Finest Staff: Bruno

Bruno2I am Bruno Barne, my residence is in Spain (in Valencia area) but I share my time between Spain, France and China. I am an Engineer in Technology of Polymers and Composites from “Ecole des Mines de Douai” in France, graduated in 1986. I have been working at Vega for 8 years. After my studies, I work for two and a half years at Plastic Omnum in the Research & Development department. After six months at Delsey in production, I joined Sommer Allibert Industrie which is now Faurecia Interior System in March 1990. In 1993, I moved from Méru to Valencia to bring my experience in plastic and to support the people in the development of their projects, being also the interface with the customers and the suppliers. There I worked in different departments from product development to plant industrialisation and also for a period in standardisation. After 17 years in the group, I decided to follow another path. I started as a commercial agent for the Levante area for a company which was the reseller of VEGA for Spain. Quickly, we understood that the best course of action would be to work directly together, and so I took on the representation of VEGA for Spain. A few year later, I increased my area taking on the representation for part of France and giving technical support to all customers and agents in France. In 2013, Vega was introduced in Faurecia moulds protocol. So I began to go to China to visit Faurecia’s mold makers and to support my Chinese colleagues. Why I decided to work with VEGA? I think maybe it was in part the challenge. During the years that I spent at Faurecia, a lot of suppliers asked me why there was only one supplier allowed for Hydraulic Cylinders. So after my first contact with VEGA’s people, looking into the manufacturing, the quality control and the technical support, I considered that it was possible to answer their question, and to go beyond that. I knew it was a challenge in terms of time consumption but the results could have been real positive. Of course it was not the unique reason, it was also in my best interest for me to develop my career with a team of very professional peoples with the possibility to share experience in both directions. Today, I know that I made a good choice and I am also sure that we can reach more goals.

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