Vega’s Finest Staff: Krasi


My name is Krasimir Evtimov Metodiev. I am 46 years old and i live in a small village in Bulgaria. I have a great family, made up of my wife and 2 grown up children and since last year we have a grandson!

During my professional life I traveled a lot. I have been a Mould Maker in Germany, Ireland and of course in Italy. I helped producing moulds all over the world. I worked manufacturing Injection Moulds for 25 years and I came to know Vega because of this job. I came in contact with Vega Cylinders Company in Bulgaria and so i started to work with Vega for 3 years as a mechanic. I assembly many types of cylinders and test them after assembling. I also get to travel to China and be a trainer for other personnel working for Guangzhou Vega Company. I feel good in this company because I work with great professionals and I think that is the most important thing in one company, working with professionals.

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