Why a Vega Blog?

For a very long period of time Vega has constantly used telephone calls, emails and periodic visits to Distributors, Sales Agents and Customers.

The purpose of these contacts was limited to help finding solutions to technical problems about VEGA cylinder and for a limited portion of time to exchange news and updates about projects, market information, news about VEGA products or services.

Probably before Vega company was more present in the life of Distributors with regular phone calls that help to soothe anger due to complaints and also to show how Vega company was moving forward in solving problems with new solutions.

Time has past and now there is a new culture that is fast approaching, it is a new reality made of people that watch news from internet, book a pizza using an app and read e-books.

It is cheaper, more convenient, and always available to comunicate on-line. On the other hand an old-fashioned meeting provides more time to deepen the knowledge.

Vega has chosen to start a blog because we can have more freedom to updates news compare to what a normal website can offer.

The purpose of this website is to bring together everybody revolving around Vega and exchange information useful to everybody thus creating a network.

We can exchange comments on-line and bring up new topics that eventually can lead to improvements.

Another reason to write a Blog for Vega is to enlarge the amount of data that are not present on our catalogue or on the website.

We can relate real life cases with customers instead of writing complicated technical notions and also get comments.

It is easier to give more details on new highlights on Vega Blog then on our corporate website (www.vegacylinder.com)

We will update the blog with new posts every week so stay tuned and welcome!


We would like all comments to be constructive and we don’t like critics without a true motivation. That’s why we suggest you to call in Vega every time before complaining about something.

We like your comments to bring up new topics and solve problems to you and others.

Thanks for your support!


The meaning of ICVEGA is Intelligent Cylinders Vega

The main reason we chose this new name is because “vegacylinder.com” is very long and also difficult to find.

In fact now more than ever before indexing correctly information in a website means life or death. Indexing contents in a website optimises speed and performance for a search query in a search engine.

The name “icvega” is more straightforward and help to be more visible but at the same time represent the essence of Vega’s long time motto “Intelligent Hydraulic Cylinders”.