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The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many changes in our lives, and that’s also true when it comes to companies and business. One of the main changes of this period is the rise of the so-called e-commerce. Accordingly, Vega decided to create a new e-commerce website to sell some of most purchased products—

Why was it necessary? What are its main features and advantages for our customers?


   Why A New Website

Purchasing a cylinder can be a daunting task, and a lot of time can be required to design, choose, configurate and purchase the right cylinder. However, some people—especially our most loyal customers—already know what they want, and they usually need it right away. In such cases, going through the motions of ordering via e-mail or telephone can be a waste of time. On the other hand, ordering over the Internet in a quick and easy way can really be a great relief!


   Quick Purchase, Quick Delivery

Indeed, the main feature of this new e-commerce website is that—an easy and quick way of shopping! Starting from the homepage, the website offers some of Vega best-seller cylinders, categorizing them according to the applications for which they were designed. Moreover, since applications differ greatly among customers, some basic customization options have been retained. This allows our customers to choose the proper bore, stroke, fixing, rod-end type and accessories.

After configuration, the cylinder is ready to be purchased. A Vega account is required to proceed with the purchase, and delivery options can be chosen according to one’s preferences. Since all cylinders on the website are in stock already, we can assure a most reliable and quick delivery.

As of now, the website is already available in four languages, and V250 CE, V500 CZ and V450 CM cylinders are ready to be purchased. Over time, several special offers for our most-requested products will be added. Create a Vega account, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be always up-to-date about our latest releases!

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