Vega’s Secrets


Have you ever seen a show or a movie full of special effects and found yourselves wondering, “How’d they do that? If only I could peep into the backstage!” Well, its not unusual— about Vega cylinders? Would you like to see how we make cylinders and what happens in the backstage? Now that’s possible, thanks to the brand-new Vega Manual!


    A Glance into the Vega World!

A new manual—rich in details about our cylinders and their making—is now under way!

This textbook covers the very basics of hydraulic itself, explaining its principles and giving a wide range of information about Vega main cylinders. And what about designing? Which calculations are needed to choose the right cylinder? A detailed overview about the pros and cons of each cylinder will make the customer ready to choose a new cylinder for their mold!


    An Experienced Guide

Yet the greatest feature of this manual is its practical usefulness. For example, have you ever been wondering how to properly install a cylinder? And what about maintenance, related issues included?

Over the years Vega assisted many customers in setting their cylinder and making the best out of them. All support cases have been accurately reported, taking into consideration all the problems they had and how they were solved. These very reports are the core of this new manual. 

Within this book you’ll find many chapters explaining in details how to properly install a cylinder, set the pre-load, use sensors and switches, and so on. Moreover, a specific section explains how to take good care of your cylinders in order to avoid future damages. Do you have any doubt about what to do? In this manual you’ll find the answer!


Right now the book is being prepared, and it’s going to be released very soon in digital format. 

Stay tuned!

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