Vega Finest Staff: C.H. TEO

MCHy name is Cheng Huat Teo, i come from Malaysia and i have been with Vega for over 15 years.

I worked in R&D as a coordinator to assist commercial, technical and production departments with innovative IT technologies. My job is to improve productivity with a more efficient use of available manpower. 8 years ago i help creating and innovative web technology on Internet that allows any user to choose all cylinder code combinations, view a 2D and 3D drawing, download it and insert the drawing to their projects. I also designed VEGA ERP e-commerce system; i think is a very flexible support for all customers coming from different world time zones allowing them to immediately check the price, delivery date and directly make a sales quotation or sales order confirmation.

Currently my job challenge is to assist Vega building a new production plant and to manage the production processes linked to Italy headquarter office.

I can use my skills and knowledge to help Vega meet and surpass its goals. I enjoyed having to use my knowledge to solve any new challenges i encounter in my job.

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