Vega Finest Staff: Carlo

CarloMy name is Carlo Zavattaro, and i am the Production Director in Vega. I started working on CNC Machines when i was 16 in a workshop near my village in Italy. I also worked for a company producing Oil and Gas Pipeline’s Valves using huge vertical lathe machines.

I joined Vega as Workshop supervisor almost 20 years ago, and i remember that during those years my task was to improve the quality and productivity of operations.

Approximately 10 years ago i was honored to become shareholder in Vega and i step up to become Production and Purchase Director.

My current project is to upgrade Vega with new CNC Milling and Lathe Machines both in Italy and Czech Rep.

I like working in Vega because i can fully use my expertise and learn new skills, and i strongly believe that developing a global production system is the key to reduce costs and improve delivery dates.

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