Vega Finest Staff: Ganapathy

Ganapathy My name is D. Ganapathy, and I live in India. I hold a Postgraduate qualification in Economics, a degree in Law and a Postgraduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations. I worked for Colgate Palmolive and other Chemical Companies in India. A few years ago I retired as Vice President of Human Resources and started to work freelance.

I came across Dr. Alessandro Draganti and Mr. Alessandro Formenti during an initial visit in 2007 and I helped them recruiting a Mechanical Engineer for Vega. Then I offered my services to look after Marketing and Sales of Vega, in addition to the existing agent. I learned much about Hydraulic Cylinders and Plastic Injection Market. I was then assigned as Director of Mira India Hydraulic Company and I continued to polarise the products very widely.

Vega’s former distributor was selling Hydraulic Cylinders as one among his various items, and could not render full justice to the popularity of Vega Cylinders. Mira India was then appointed as an additional marketing agent and I, along with Mr. Vittal Poojary, our Commercial Manager, was able to persuade more customers to buy Vega Cylinders.

We then convinced Vega to supply cylinders directly to Indian companies, since such direct supplies would have given an advantage in term of competitive prices. Something unexpected happened in December 2013 as Vega Official Distributor suddenly favoured another Hydraulic Cylinder manufacturer from Germany and Mira India became and important arm of Vega.

Now our mission is to propagate the use of Vega Products to Injection Molders for both Plastic and Die Casting markets, we have succeeded in creating an impression that Vega Company is a client conscious and will go a long way in solving all their technical problems.

Now our clients who import directly from Vega derive many benefits in terms of prices and support. This will surely help us penetrate Indian Market and build trust in Vega’s customers.

I have a feeling of immense satisfaction in helping Indian customers to get to know Vega and its great advantages like technical support, competitive price and fast delivery.

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