Vega Finest Staff: Sandro

SandroI am Alessandro Draganti, Technical Director in Vega. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1981, but I worked part time even before. So, I have almost a 40 year experience in the field. I always remained in the design departments, changing company every 5 to 6 years, after reaching a good experience in that specific field. I designed cranes, die-cutting platen presses, printing machines, glass-cutting machines wire-enameling plants and more.

I joined Vega in 2003, with increased responsibility, and soon became a shareholder. I assisted the startup of the new managing software, I looked after the Technical, Quality assurance and IT Depts., developing our business in India as well. In order to group together the areas which are most similar, a few years ago, as shareholders we decided that I would superintend the technical area, including support to the After Sales service, and the new products as well (a kind of R&D). The new tie-rod cylinder V215 and the long-stroke V450s were then
developed, and now a new preload-adjusting flange for V260 is almost ready. What ‘rabbit’ will we pull out from our hat next? Hush…you’ll come to know in due time! So, why didn’t I quit Vega after 5/6 years as I did previously with the others? It’s clear: here the work is never boring, we always have new things to do and new challenges. So, in a certain sense, working with a dynamic Company like Vega, lets your job become somewhat of your hobby too!

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