Vega Finest Staff: Francisco

FranciscoI am Francisco Yupanqui Ramirez, and i have been working in Vega for more than 12 years. When I was younger I was trained, professionally, by my father while I was studying at the university in Peru. My dad taught me to interact with people with discipline, respect and responsibility. Some years ago I was working in Vega with a Managing Software called MPC (Master Production Configuration) controlling working shifts, delivery dates, product configuration logic, and also coding semi-finished parts. Now I work in the Technical Dep. designing standard or custom hydraulic cylinders using software called Solidworks. I also work in Production where my job consists of improving workers’ productivity and efficiency by using the most correct semi-finished components and also ensuring respect for delivery dates. Thanks to this experience I got to learn new things and to increase my professionalism. I always try to satisfy and help Vega company to achieve its goals!

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