Vega Finest Staff: Mr. Heriban

Fero 025

I joined Hydrosmart s.r.o. very shortly after it was founded in 2010. There was only one employee at that time. My role was in technical manner –production realization. My activities within the company included a production plan based on orders from Vega parent company, material preparation for production, CNC machine programming, work processes, production itself and solution of all problems within the production. Further, I had responsibility for new employees’ recruitment and I guaranteed all necessary trainings. After a short time, I took over responsibilities of my colleague and I became the executive producer. I started to directly communicate with Vega in terms of their orders and needs, and also, I took care about product expedition.

Currently, I work as the executive producer in Hydrosmart s.r.o. I lead and have responsibilities for production of components for hydraulic cylinders. I process orders from our parent company Vega and based on them I create the working plan. I also communicate with vendors and I procure transport of our products. My every day vision of Hydrosmart as the executive producer is to become a solid and confident company that puts emphasis on quality, flexibility, and honesty. I push for the growth of Hydrosmart. We succeeded in building the montage section of hydraulic actuators. We hired new employees. We fully cover all needs of the parent company Vega. Nowadays, we want to invest into a new technical shop in order to extend our production and a new warehouse in order to solve lack of storage capacity. I also focus on improvement of manufacturing processes, manufacturing efficiency, and quality. I try to lead Hydrosmart to become an independent company that may become a key supplier of hydraulic components for parent company Vega.

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