Case Study: All-in-One Piston Rod for TieRod Cylinder

At the 2015 Plast exhibition in Milan(Italy), one of our customers reported a rod breakage near the piston fixing thread.
The same thing happened unrelentingly with other 15 cylinders (V215 CR, bore 50, double-cushioning.)
Each mold was equipped with four slides actuated by four cylinders.
Things started to become very tense, since our customer blamed Vega for these breakages, claiming that all these issues were due to a low-quality of the product and/or to a flaw in the material used.
Since we were not able to get a closer look on the molds ̶ these were in Mexico and Chile ̶ We analyzed all their project designs and gathered all the information concerning their applications. We found out that all cylinders had a working cycle of 0.6 sec. without cushioning. The end-of-stroke deceleration would increase the duration of the cycle, generating mechanical stress and ̶ consequently ̶ fatigue failures.
Given the situation, We offered as a solution to use a group of all-in-one rod-pistons (not designed for this sort of cylinders), with a male thread and a calibrated cushioning to decrease deceleration. Unfortunately, because of space requirements to be met and because it was impossible to modify the molds to be used, they eventually opted for a female rod with a special fine thread.
Our customer was satisfied with this suggestion, placing straightway an order for the changes to be made on all the cylinders they had in store, spare parts and complete cylinders, to send to their clients.

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