V260CF Locking Cylinders—Recognizing Pins and O-Rings (Part 1)

Over the last 15 years, Vega has been successfully producing and delivering a series of locking cylinders named V260CF. But as performances became ever more demanding, Vega needed to update this series in order to better cope with different situations.

As a company, Vega offers a specific catalog, highly valuing spare parts. Tracing serial codes is vital, since it allows our team to find the correct spare parts. But with a series of cylinders that are being constantly updated, Vega had to face a huge challenge. Over time, components such as pins and O-rings were modified, and so they lost their adaptability with the body of the cylinder.


   How to Match Pins and O-Rings

Over a period of 15 years, Vega has produced three versions of V260CF cylinders, and each version as different codes for each spare part. Now Vega is producing two different versions of the same series, and their main differences involve switches and locking rings. Both have the same capabilities, so our present aim is to remove one of the two versions. We also used to produce a third version (number 04) that has been replaced by a more recent one (number 05).

The following article is designed to explain how to choose the correct pins and O-rings, and how to match them to the right body.

As shown in the following picture, marks or laser-printed codes can be found on the cylinder bodies.


V260CF Body Version


Now we just need to see if we can match the pin of the cylinder with one of those shown in the following picture.


V260CF Pin Versions


The same needs to be done with the O-rings.


V260CF O-Ring Versions


Finally, we can match the information collected with those included in the following table.


V260CF Combinations


And that’s it! Now you know how to choose the correct pin or O-ring from our stock and match it with V260CF bodies, even though different versions of the cylinder have been bought.

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