Vega Catalog—Die-casting

Some of our customers come from die-casting. Therefore, they look for cylinders with certain requirements—very sturdy cylinders able to withstand very high pressures and temperatures.

Coming to its customers’ aid, Vega decided to publish a special catalog designed especially for die-casters. What are its features?

   Catalog Feature

Not all of the cylinders produced by Vega are suitable for die-casting. Therefore, our customers working in that field often had to “browse” through our catalog in order to find the right cylinder. The new die-casting catalog solves such issues, offering some especially sturdy cylinders withstanding high pressures.

It also provides some other features that are very useful for die-casting. For example, most cylinders are usually actuated by hydraulic oil. But in the die-casting world, a corrosive water-glycol mixture is becoming ever more common. Vega Catalog—Die-Casting offers cylinders able to withstand such corrosive fluid, and gives the option to choose this water-glycol mixture as delivery fluid instead of hydraulic oil.

In addition, seeing that many die-casting cylinders need to work in very high temperatures, Vega added another useful feature to its die-casting cylinders. A cooling system for cartridge and double-rod has been implemented, using a special “fountain” to cool it down and decrease the high temperatures inside the cylinder while at work.

Do you work in die-casting and are interested in these new special features? You will find further information about the internal cooling system by reading the article titled Alternative Classic on this blog.

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