Alternative Classic

The V450 CM cylinder is one of the strongest suits of Vega, a classic produced over ten thousands of times and widely used especially in plastic molding. Taking into account the versatility and sturdiness of this cylinder, Vega decided to design two new alternative versions of it, with the light-alloy die-casting industry in mind.

The main difference between the standard cylinder and these new versions is the introduction of either a cooled cartridge or a double rod. Being hollowed inside, a special “cooling fountain” can be added within, near the rear end of the rod, where a coupling for the coolant delivery is also found. The other end of such “fountain”—actually, an open tube—protrudes past the rod, on the side where the cylinder is connected to the mold. Therefore, it’s also possible to bring the cooling beyond the rod, to the piece connecting the cylinder to the mold itself. In this way, the cooling effect is definitely enhanced.

Another feature of these new versions is the seal material, particularly designed to be compatible with the most-common fluids used in die-casting. This provides a long durability over time.

In addition to the new versions of this sturdy cylinder, Vega also paid special attention to something very dear to the mold industry—inductive switches.

Nowadays, inductive switches are very popular thanks to their convenience and trustworthiness. Having no moving parts, and being very durable, many customers prefer these switches over mechanical ones. Therefore, Vega decided to add inductive switches to the range of sensors available for the V450 series, including all bores. Since smaller bores take less room, switches for such bores will be smaller than those for larger bores. Installing these new switches on the cylinder follows the same rules as the other versions.

There is no doubt that, though not the latest of Vega products, the V450 CM is one of the most versatile and up-to-date cylinders ever made!

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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