Ready for the Test!

As our customers well know, Vega is specialized in  designing and producing hydraulic cylinders for molds.

Yet such applications are often charged with difficulties, usually due to temperature, compactness and technical solutions applied to the molds. Moreover, required cycles may vary a lot—from a few thousands to many millions! And since stops due to faulty components can be disastrous in the automotive industry, dependability is a must as well.

Indeed, making cylinders is not an easy task. And that’s why Vega has long ago decided to set up a brand-new test-room for the long-run trials of its newer products.

 Why a New Test-Room?

In the past decades, Vega has been testing its cylinders in a well-equipped test-room, providing all that was needed to produce high-quality cylinders. But after many years, this test-room had begun to show its limits. Consequently, Vega decided to set up a new test-room containing all the innovations suggested by its experience with the older one during all these years.
Such challenging project was entrusted to the Vega Research and Development Team, and it took quite a few months to achieve all the required goals.

One goal was to make tests under high pressure (max. 500 bars) and high delivery (max. 70 l/s) conditions. Granted, such extreme conditions might be rare. But should the need arise, would Vega cylinders be able to withstand them?
Another vital goal was to achieve a round-the-clock working cycle. That implied remote controlling and monitoring, safety equipment in case of fire or other possible mishaps, and large temperature-control and oil-cooler devices. Last but not least, even though located in an industrial area, Vega wanted to make sure to have a good acoustic insulation as well—something vital for long-run testing!

Have all these goals been achieved? Does the new test-room live up to these expectations? The answer is, Yes!

 The New Test-Room

Thanks to our team’s hard work, our brand-new test-room can reach many important achievements:

  1. Testing time cut in half—now Vega will be able to develop and deliver new products much more quickly.
  2. More severe tests and improved durability
  3. Temperature tests
  4. More precise dynamic tests—it is now possible to come close to the real conditions of mold applications as never before!
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