New History

One of the oldest and most memorable cylinder ever made by Vega—produced over ten thousands of times—is the V215 CR series, first called V160 and then V230—all different versions of the current one. Widely used in plastic molding, its bore size —up to 200—make it suitable for die-casting as well. Therefore, Vega made some changes to this cylinder in order to make it even more suitable for this particular field.

Even though Vega introduced magnetic switches on hydraulic cylinders, back then some customers specialized in die-casting would still ask for a special version of the V215 CR series, featuring mechanical switches. Nevertheless, today inductive switches are much more common than they were in the past, being very convenient and dependable. Moreover, since there are no moving parts, their durability is optimal as well. No wonder that now many customers prefer them over mechanical ones. Therefore, Vega decided to add inductive switches to the range of available sensors for V215 cylinders, for all the bores common in die-casting. Installation on cylinder is the same as V215 CR mechanical switches.

In addition, whereas a few years ago this was a special version, now V215 featuring inductive switches are officially in the catalog. Another useful feature is the seal material compatibility with most of the fluids commonly used in die-casting, greatly extending its durability over time.

The V215 series may be one of the oldest cylinders by Vega—yet, it’s still ready to make new history!

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