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Vega has been producing and delivering self-locking cylinder from the V260 series for many years now. It’s a technological product, and it wasn’t always so easy for our customers to find the proper applications for it. Coupled with its high price, it’s easy to see why this series has never been widely popular. Though Vega has been searching for ways to improve it, only last year the need for lower prices and great improvements became very evident.

Therefore, the R&D department designed a more economical version of the V260CF series, but with the same main features.

These cylinders from the brand-new V270CG series are a little longer than the old V260, but still they are interchangeable. New inductive switches have also been added within the cylinder chamber, and so able to withstand hydraulic pressure. Being more precise than those installed on V260 cylinders, and needing no tuning, they are much more convenient for our customers.

Dynamical and statical tests have already been performed, and it’s planned to be soon on the market. Moreover, whereas previous ones were special versions, now they are officially in the catalog. In addition, another useful feature is the seal material compatibility of these cylinders with most of the fluids commonly used in die-casting, greatly extending its durability over time.

The V260 is a great series of cylinders, and the V270 is even better—now more than ever before, technology is within everyone’s reach!

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