New catalogues and company identity!

After more than 8 years Vega company has started a new graphic make over. This big change will touch all aspects of communication and marketing both digital and analog.

Vega’s CEO, Alessandro Formenti commented saying: “We are working toward a complete revaluation of our company identity!”. Many items and symbols will be changed but other will be renewed. Vega has never undertaken such a big step in term of image.

Why was a graphic make over necessary?

What are the changes?

What results are we going to observe in terms of impression on the market?

There are many good features that we don’t want to miss out, from our current catalogue, for example the simplicity of our code selection, or the many self explanatory 3D thumbnails. We are aware of the comfortable graphical items and their positions, so we didn’t want the users to feel lost. On the other hand it was very hard in terms of time consumption, printing costs and shipping errors to keep updated the different versions of the catalogue. Each version used to have 2 languages, and the amount of words to translate was a limitation. The new catalogue will display 4 languages for each version and contains many less words. The code selection page has been enlarge to become a 2 pages with more descriptions.

Where all the words have been moved to?

We are happy to announce that Vega is preparing a separate book called Technical Manual! Each version of this last book will be printed in one single language and will give ample breath to technical notes, explanations, and tuitions. We will be able to convey conceits such as cylinder applications in moulding, switches adjustments, maintenance, product highlights, FAQ, and other tricks. All these information have been limited to a few sentences in the current catalogues but later in this NEW Technical Manual will be rediscovered.

We also noticed that, since we live in a more visual world, Vega was not doing enough in terms of pictures and renderings. Decision was made to print a third useful aid to give full glory to Vega Hydraulic Cylinders, that of a Commercial Brochure. Even in this case each version will be printed with a single language, but in this case the descriptions will be very much boastful and attractive. We will be able to enjoy many high resolution pictures and renderings that will clearly demonstrate the superiority of Vega products.

These changes were necessary in view of a shift in promoting Vega brand. Furthermore, our corporate website will be reviewed and improved during summer 2016 to reflect the new identity of Vega.

We believe that is important, for many on our audience, to be impressed, as we are, from the precision and skill with which our products are built every day! We are sure that after seeing this new material and the new information you too will be compelled and seemingly forced to consider Vega as a strategic supplier. We decide to publish some of the photos we are working on so that you may savor the moment when you too can hold in your hand Vega new commercial and technical tools.

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