Conference Formy 2016 in Czech Rep.

Last week saw a great participation during Formy 2016, a conference hold yearly by Jan Svoboda Sro, a production and distribution company based in Brno, Czech Rep.

Mould for injection molding is a technically complex matter, and the combination of machine-form-material gives rise to many errors. These errors have introduced a common denominator.

Mistakes are expensive!

The conference aimed to provide a wide range of knowledge in order to increase the efficiency of production and achieved higher profits.

The issue of injection molding of plastics is very wide and therefore it is essential that everyone involved in the chain of production, have knowledge of both the previous and the subsequent production stage. Knowing how my work affects and not follow procedures, helping to reduce costs and improve competitiveness of companies in the global market.

Vega was there with its best speaker ever, Mr. Aldo Formenti, co-founder of Vega and inventor of intelligent hydraulic cylinders with over 40 years of experience in automating injection moulds.

Finally some numbers about the conference:

– Five months of preparation

– 145 participants

– 75 companies

– The conference organizers have walked an average of 15 km to 2 days

– Hundreds of emails in the preparation phase

– Brochure increased from 84 pages to 121pages

– Not a single negative response

– 18 lectures / speakers

– 6 foreign consultants

– 10 lectures be directly quantifying the cost savings

– online stream for more than 12 hours

– 6-15 hotspots on stream

– Participants evaluated positively not exceeding the time limit, while a high value informational lectures.

– Positive reviews from the participating universities

Check regularly on FACEBOOK PAGE because notices will be posted gradually.

The lecture will be posted on channel for the company JAN SVOBODA Ltd. – See example here: YOUTUBE CHANNEL


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