To Buy or Not to Buy? The MSU1 Sensor With Steel Bracket

We all did it at least once in our lifetime—in order to save money, we bought low-priced products, but we soon found out that they were low-quality as well. Yes, sometimes spending just a little more can make the difference! Is it true about sensors as well?

Highly Performant, but With Some Issues

All our customers are well-acquainted with our MSU1 sensor. Likely one of the best sensors ever designed, it allows —unlike many others—to link  several sensors in series without risking voltage drops. This is a huge benefit for every molder, and it is worth the higher cost compared to other sensors. Yet, though highly performant, it had a weak spot.

Have you ever heard of Zamak? Widely used for windows, doors and fixtures, this alloy is not very expensive, has great castability, but unfortunately it’s not very fit for withstanding high stress over time—something pretty common during a moulding process. MSU1 sensor bracket—made in Zamak—had this kind of issues. Even though these sensors offered great performances for a very long time, they would then start losing their original position and even end up breaking. This would happen especially when the cylinder had to withstand several hits and when temperatures were above 50° C. (or there were sudden temperature changes.) This problem had to be solved as quickly as possible.

New Bracket, New Sensor

That’s why a revised version of the MSU1 sensor has just been designed. The new sensor bracket is made of AISI304 stainless steel—not only (like Zamack) it’s a non-magnetic material, but it offers a higher mechanical hardiness and a bracket-tie rod clamping that’s more constant over time, even to temperatures up to 80° (maximum temperature for sensors.)

The wide range of opportunities this new sensor offers is beyond imagination! But what are its cons? Just one–the steel bracket MSU1 sensors are slightly more expensive than the previous version. But this slight increase is nothing when compared to the many benefits that this sensor can provide, and this is exactly what makes the difference!

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