How to find the right cylinder or accessory

It is very important for clearly identify the right cylinder or accessory whether you are an Injection Mould Designer, or a Tool Maker or a Tool User.

Naturally Vega has developed specific products for specific purposes, and each has its merits and credits.

Let’s start by reviewing the benefits of Vega products:


Self-Locking Ring to absorb Huge Loads

Adjustable Pre-Load using a Flange

Inductive and Mechanical Switches Available


Customisable Manifold-type Oil Delivery

Magnetic Switch applicable

Grater shock resistance and lightweight body


450 bars of working pressure

Shock resistance

Multiple choices of Fixing and Delivery Oil

Mechanical Switches


ISO Norm Standard Design

Multiple choices of Fixing and Delivery Oil

Optimal Guidance for Rod and Piston

Cushioning and Magnetic Switches available


Super Lightweight

Multiple choices of Fixing and Delivery Oil

Magnetic Switch applicable

-Sim Box

Connection box of all types of Vega Switches

Alarm to any double signal

Can be fixed directly on the mold

Installation configurations are easy and fast

Cost of the box is easily covered under the terms of time reduced, security, versatility and simplicity.

-Service Bag

Tools and Spare parts collection for Seal Maintenance

Now we are going to explain who could be more interested in reading these information.

If you are a Mold Designer you should find appealing the Self Locking Cylinder V260CF, the customizable cylinder V220CC, or the sturdy actuator V450CM.

If you are a Mold Maker you should look for V450CM, V215CR, V250CE and the SIM Box.

For all Mold User the SIM Box and the Service Bag are really important.

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