Switch Connection Box

Vega has the pleasure to announce a new complementary product for an easy and safe connection of all sorts of switches!

In fact, connecting different types of switches might be a real challenge, and it might be even harder when unprofessional or homemade solutions have to be employed. Therefore, Vega designed a new complementary product to help customers  cope with these issues—the SIM08 Connection Box!

Connection Box—Benefits and Features

1. Security. Front and rear signals are usually joined in two series. This solution doesn’t provide any protection from double signals or connection errors, thus making it difficult to identity a broken switch. The SIM08 Connection Box is equipped with alarm systems in order to identify double signals. Moreover, a led light per switch allows for a fast detection of non-working sensors, even in case of series signals.

2. Versatility. The Connection Box can be fixed directly on the mold. One connector (IP67 water resistance, with a 5 m. cable) links the Box to the press machine. On the other side of the cable, any sort of connector can be installed (using at least 6 pins), according to company standard.

3. Simplicity. Installing the Box and its connectors, and configuring it, is quick and easy. The result is extremely clean, organized and functional, greatly benefitting both mold makers and mold users. The wide use of connectors provides a good solution for fast maintenance and mold change.

4. Functionality. Most types of switches can be connected: inductive PNP or NPN, magnetic Reed, PNP or NPN, and mechanical micro switches. Moreover, signal exits always offer clean contacts. Switch power can be provided by the box by means of its connectors.

5. Economy. The cost of the Box—especially when more switches are connected—can be easily covered by its many benefits: reduced working times, enhanced security, versatility and simplicity.

The SIM08 Connection Box can have
different configurations depending on how many and what sorts of switches are connected. Normally, it can connect from 1 to 4 cylinders, that is, from 2 to 8 switches. But in case of special needs, two or more boxes can be joined together (a 24v D.C. is required). Switch connectors are M12 standard with 5 pins.

Watch the following video to have a glimpse of the SIM08 Connection Box at work!


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