Cylinders in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry makes a huge and extensive use of hydraulic cylinders. However, since these cylinders need to be used in aseptic rooms, any sort of contamination needs to be carefully avoided. This means that oil-actuated cylinders cannot be taken into consideration, but the choice must be between electric cylinders and pneumatic ones.

For this reason, Vega designed a new cylinder with the same force of an oil-working one, but that is actually air-actuated.

What are the advantages of using a pneumatic cylinder? Find the answer by watching the following video.

The V045CY series is made of double-action pneumatic cylinders with a mechanical locking system of the rod. This system allows the rod to be locked in the end-stroke position (extended rod), in order to be able to contrast very powerful opposite thrusts. Such a solution can be widely employed in the plastic injection field of medical and food industries, so as to stand the injection pressure. After that, when the piston gets back, the rod is automatically unlocked by the cylinder pneumatic system.



Max. working pressure: up to 30 bar (435 PSI)

Bore size: 45 and 71 mm

Rod size: 20 to 25 mm

Max. working temperature:

Magnetic version: 80°C – 176°F

Non-magnetic version: 160°C – 320°F

Stroke: 45 and 120 mm (according to bore size)


  • In order to work properly, the cylinder rod needs to always reach end-stroke positions, both forward and backward. This way, the locking system is sure to work properly, and it is possible to avoid pressure shocks on the piston when it’s coming back from the opposite side. 
  • For a proper locking, it is necessary to keep a minimum pressure of 1 Mpa (= 10 bars)-145 PSI during pushing. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that pulling forces are usually way lower than pushing forces.
  • Before planning applications for these cylinders, carefully read the pre-load notes on page Y5 of the catalog.

But how do Vega V045CY cylinders work? Watch the following video!

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