Cylinders in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry Molders should be electric or pneumatic due to the potential issues of clean room contamination from hydraulic fluid aerosol.

For this purpose Vega has designed a new Cylinder operated with air but with the force generated by oil.

Why using a Vega Pneumatic Cylinder? Watch the following video…

The V045CY are double-acting pneumatic cylinders with a mechanical locking system of the rod in the end stroke position (extended rod), which permits to contrast very high opposite thrusts. Such a solution is widely applicable in the field of plastic injection in the medical and food industries, in order to stand the injection pressure. The rod is pneumatically unlocked automatically when the piston comes back.

Max. working pressure: up to 30 bar (435 PSI)

Bore Size: 45 and 71 mm

Rod Size: 20 to 25 mm

Max. working temperature :

Magnetic version: 80°C – 176°F

Non-Magnetic version: 160°C – 320°F

Stroke: 45 and 120 mm (according to the bore size)

WARNING: – For a correct functioning the cylinder must always work in the end stroke position (both forward and backward), in order to guarantee the locking on one side and to avoid pressure shocks on the piston when it comes back from the other side.  – For a firm locking it is necessary to keep the air in pressure, when pushing, at a minimum of 1 Mpa (= 10 bar) -145 PSI Min. Pay great attention to the traction force, which is considerably lower than the thrust. – Before making a drawing of an application, pay attention on Pre-load notes stated at page Y5.  

How Vega V045CY works?

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