New Preload Flange for Vega V260CF Locking Cylinder


As everyone knows, the V260 cylinders may require a pre-load, in order to avoid defects in the molded part they help producing.

Pre-load requires to move the cylinder closer to the part, thus pre-compressing the cylinder rod. This effect can be obtained in a few different ways:

  • A normal (round) flange is used. The mold must cool down, the cylinder + flange group has to be removed, the flange unscrewed from the cylinder and finally ground to the desired value. After that, all the sequence must be reversed and a trial made again. If something goes wrong, everything has to be repeated.
  • A pre-load adjustable flange like the one produced by Vega right now, can be used. For adjusting the pre-load, it is not necessary that the mold really cools down. Paying the due attention, it’s enough to loosen the locking system, to rotate the cylinder of the amount required, and to tighten the locking system again. Cylinder rotation, anyway, will change the position of the oil ports and the switches which might be installed.
  • A pre-load adjustable flange like the NEW one which is being developed by Vega. It is simpler and more effective than the others. Basically, it consists of two threaded rings. The inner one is threaded both inside and outside, for housing the cylinder and the outer flange. It also has holes for the fixing screws. The outer flange is just threaded inside and leans on the mold. It’s enough to loosen the tightening screws, and to screw the outer flange in or out. The locking screws can be tightened again and the cylinder is ready to work with the new pre-load value. The mold doesn’t need to cool down, the cylinder will not rotate and the adjustment can be made from a side or from rear. All the screw holes are evenly spaced and their number is twice as really required, for an easier angular adjustment of the cylinder.

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