Bad Example of Front Flange Customization

During July 2015 we received this photo from a customer in Turkey asking for a new locking cylinder to replace this one. Enquiring what happened and why they think the customer need a new cylinder we discover a oil leak from the rod.

We were not surprised about this news since the shape of the front preload flange is completely modified from the original. Many fixing holes have been removed by the customers and this leaves less resistant section for withstanding the locking force.

Please see the catalogue of V260CF to compare the original Pre load Adjustable flange at page F8/F9. It is clearly marked the minimum number of screws to be used to fix the pre load flange.

The locking cylinder is now working wity the rod bent and not straight causing stress on the rubber seal and therefore oil leak.

We recommend during design of a Injection Mold to consider the information in Vega catalogue and to refrain from customising Vega components.


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