New Frontier to Affordable Hydraulic Maintenance

Selling cylinders is not that hard, and in fact that’s what Vega has been doing in over 35 countries. What’s more difficult is being able to provide an affordable and efficient maintenance support despite several different time zones. For just one company alone, being by our customers’ side in their time of need—anytime they need us—is quite impossible.

True, all our distributors take the lead in doing this extensive work, and they really are to be commended for all they do! Nevertheless, in order to help our distributors, Vega decided to take practical steps to afford a more constant and easily available support. That is why we came up with the idea of creating a multimedia library containing all our maintenance videos. This way, they can be easily watched by pretty much everybody, thus providing a practical aid for repairing damaged cylinders at one’s own workshop.


   Vega Videos—How to Use Them

All these videos have been prepared by technical engineers working inside our headquarters. Their extended knowledge and experience in assembling hydraulic cylinders make the instructions given in these videos very practical and accurate. 

Keep in mind that there are some smaller steps that, if skipped, would greatly compromise the efficiency of the cylinder. Let’s take a compact cylinder cartridge as an example. When assembling scrapers and seal rings, we could be confronted with the issue of wrong orientation. In fact, should any of these rings be inserted in the wrong way, this would cause severe damages to the cylinder. Therefore, it is vital to carefully and meticulously follow instructions given in these videos, with the utmost attention.

Scraper Seal Orientation


    Vega Videos—Where to Find Them

Our multimedia library is only available on our official app for mobile devices—such as iOS and Android—and therefore it is not available on PCs. This is due to the fact that most of the troubleshooting work is performed at workshops, and therefore mobile devices are certainly more praticabile and available. Our app and our library are free of charge and can be downloaded anytime, anywhere. Moreover, our videos can also be watched in China on our YouKu channel.

All members of our our Support Team strongly encourage all of our customers and distributors to download this app on their mobile devices, and to watch these important videos when performing maintenance work!

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