Vega Videos… New Frontier to Affordable Hydraulic Maintenance

Selling Hydraulic Cylinders it is somehow simple, in fact, Vega has been selling its Hydraulic Cylinders in over 35 lands.

What we really find tragic is to provide affordable and efficient maintenance everywhere with different timezones. It is impossible for Vega Company alone to provide this service as if we were right beside the customer in need.

We are sure that all our Distributors take the lead in doing this extensive job, and they have to be commended for their hard work.

Nonetheless we came up with the idea of creating a library of maintenance videos that could be used by, virtually, anybody to operate on the damaged cylinders directly in the workshop.

Since the videos are made by technical engineers inside Vega Company with extensive experience in assembling our Hydraulic Cylinders, we are completely confident of the accuracy of description.

There are some smaller steps that if skipped could eventually null the efficiency of the cylinder. Let’s make an example about the Hydraulic Cartridge in a Compact Cylinder, when assembling the Scraper and Seal Ring we could be confronted with the problem of wrong orientation. If we insert any of these rings in the opposite way we could create a real damage.

Scraper Seal Orientation

Where can you find all this video collection?

It is available ONLY through Vega App, for iOS and Android, and not on Pc. The reason is that typically all kinds of troubleshooting are performed on workshops and a mobile device is naturally more useful and practical.

Vega App and Vega Video Library are free of charge and are downloadable 24/7 to support all users everywhere at anytime of the day.

All members of Technical Support in Vega Company STRONGLY encourage you to download Vega App on your mobile device and watch these important videos upon making maintenance!


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