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Vega has always believed in good technical support, and our aim is to provide such assistance both before and after sales. That is why all the members of our Sales Department Team within our headquarters are very well trained in suggesting the right cylinder for several different applications. They also provide assistance concerning maintenance with great experience and precision.

Lately, though, the commercial world has become a little bit bigger, we live in a globalized society, and we have many affordable instruments within our reach.

Support from Vega should be just like that—always at hand, affordable and readily available, not just for few, but for all our resellers and agents all over the world!

We are therefore proud to announce a brand-new set of tools that will greatly enhance your support experience.

The first tool is a new Service Bag, very useful to both distributors and customers for replacing seals on most Vega products. The instruments it contains allow to go through maintenance procedures in a very easy and quick way, drastically reducing shutdown time.

But the greatest news, and the main part of this support set, is the second tool—a new mobile app available for iOS and Android devices (Chinese Android included.) Thanks to its many features, this app will boost our agents’ confidence while performing maintenance at their customers’ place.

They will also be able to promote Vega products using new commercial videos, will learn step-by-step how to use the new Service Bag thanks to technical videos, will be able to verify whether a cylinder coming from abroad is original, and many other interesting features.

The app is available in many languages, and its modern design and up-to-date information make it very easy to use. A list of products with their features and a PDF version of the catalog have also been implemented. During the years, many new videos and features are going to added.

We are sure you’ll be using these brand-new tools daily, both for promotion and support!

Links to stores:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vega.hydrauliccylinder

Apple: http://appstore.com/VegaHydraulicCylinder

China Android: http://apk.hiapk.com/appinfo/com.vega.hydrauliccylinder

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