Vega Service Bag

Along with very practical Servicebag2videos and a downloadable app for mobile devices, Vega released another vital tool designed to help our agents and customers—the Service Bag

This Bag contains all the instruments that are needed to replace seals on most Vega cylinders. These instruments are designed to minimize downtime and help go through maintenance procedures in a very quick and easy way.


The Service Bag includes: Servicebag3

  1. Set of mounting cones for piston seals—bore 16 to 100
  2. Set of cone spacers
  3. Plastic jaws to be used with mounting cones
  4. Set of piston seal calibrators—bore 16 to 100
  5. Rod seal calibrator—diameter 12 to 45 mm
  6. Rod seal calibrator—diameter 10 mm
  7. Set of pre-rod seal calibrators—diameter 18 to 36
  8. Screwdrivers
  9. Pliers for mounting seals and guide rings Servicebag4
  10. Set of tools for removing seals
  11. Cartridges back-up calibrators—bore 16 and 25, V450CM (not pictured)
  12. Cones for mounting O-Rings on cushion adjusting screws—V215CR
  13. Small parts container

We are sure you will greatly enjoy the new tools provided! 


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