Vega Service Bag

The Service Bag is a useful tool that allows you to dealers and customers, carrying out any replacement seals, a large part of the cylinders in our product range. The special tool inserted in its interior, allowing the operator to perform maintenance easily and quickly, minimizing downtime.

1. Set of cones mounted piston seals (from bore 16 to 100)

2. Series spacers for cones

3. Jaws in plastic to be used in conjunction with cones mounted piston seals.

4. Series calibrators piston seals. (from bore 16 to 100)

5. Calibrator stem seals (from diameter 12 to 45)

6. Calibrator stem seals 10 mm diameter.

7. Series calibrators for pre-stem seals (from diameter 18 to 36).

8. Screwdrivers.

9. Caliper mounting brackets and guide seals.

10. Series tool for removing seals.

11. Calibrators back-up for bore cartridges V450CM 16:25 (not shown in photo).

12. Cones for installation o-rings on cushion adjusting screws, cylinder V215CR

13. Container for small parts

Servicebag2 Servicebag4 Servicebag3

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