Oriented Toward Application

At the end of 2013, Vega started producing promotional videos. Since all these videos were not collected together into one channel—such as YouTube—we produced these videos mainly to be used during fairs and exhibitions. In fact, during such events, it’s pretty common to have screens projecting all sorts of company or technical videos.

As for us, we opted for a cartoon-like style in our media productions. Our goal was to display both the logical and mental procedures of mold designers and cylinder users when choosing hydraulic cylinders. We didn’t want to display hydraulic cylinders working on injection molds, or things like that. In fact, we think that promoting a product doesn’t mean just to show off all its technical features, but it especially involves displaying its applications.

Stepping into different markets and helping new customers see all the pros of our products, and how they can benefit from them, is one huge step in strengthening the bond between Vega and its customers. Therefore, we contacted a Chinese team specialized in graphic design to help us in this project, and before the end of May 2014, we completed this series made up of five videos.


Video 1—Special Cylinders

The first cartoon describes in few minutes the process of order and production that takes place in Vega every time a customer needs a special cylinder:


Video 2—Vega Support

The second video is about the amazing technical support that Vega provides.

Video 3— V260 CF Cylinders

The third video is about the wide range of applications of V260 CF locking cylinders.

Video 4—Connection Box

The fourth video shows all the benefits of using a SIM08 Connection Box.


Video 5—Pneumatic Cylinders

The fifth and last cartoon-like video advertises our new V045CY pneumatic cylinders.

We are sure you will find these videos very interesting!
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