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During the end of 2013 Vega Cylinder Company has started to produce Promotional Videos. At that time all Videos where not contained in a Channel such as Vega Cylinder Youtube Channel. So we thought we could have used such videos about cylinder application only during exhibitions.

During such events, it is common to see screens that projects Videos representing companies of all sorts, or machines performing operations.

We decided to go toward a cartoon-style videos in which we could have displayed the logic and mental process of a mould designer and user choosing an Hydraulic Cylinder (such as Compact Cylinder, or Tie rod Cylinder).

We didn’t want to start by simply showing an Hydraulic Cylinder working in a Plastic Injection Mould or elsewhere. Why, you may ask? Promoting a product involves not only displaying the characteristics and technical features but also it involves explaining what is the application. Sometimes in fact to find new customers it is necessary to step in to different markets and help others with a less technical mind to see the potential of Vega Hydraulic Cylinders.

So we contacted a chinese office expert in graphic design to support us in this project, and before the end of May of 2014 we completed this video series.

The first cartoon describes in few minutes the process of order and production that takes place in Vega every time a customer needs a special cylinder:

The second video is about the legendary Technical Support we offer in Vega.

The third video is about the area of application of Vega V260CF Locking Cylinder.

The fourth video represents all advantages in using SIM08 Switch Connector Box.

The last video we made as cartoon style discuss our new V045CY Pneumatic Locking Cylinder.

We encourage to watch these video and share them with many others you think might be interested, and also we think you could subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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