Vega Growing in China

Vega has always aimed at a global market, welcoming all cultures and nationalities into its family. Accordingly, it’s no surprise that its growth has reached abroad, mainland China included.

After many successful experiences, Vega has finally opened a new branch in Guangzhou, China. These new facilities will be a great asset for the whole Vega family, offering a great range of benefits.


   A Dynamic TeamVega Cylinders dynamic team China

The first step to success is dynamism. And that’s been the main focus of Vega right from the start. Do you need a new cylinder? Or do you need assistance in choosing the right product? Our commercial team is right there beside you! With great speed and reliability, all your needs will be carefully considered, so as to offer you the best product according to your requests!

Full StockVega Cylinders Full Stock China

The new Chinese branch is not assigned to sales alone. Granted, delivering cylinders to the other half of the world takes time. But that’s at odds with the well-known dynamism of Vega. How could this issue be solved? That’s easy—by means of a new warehouse right on the spot, in China!

The new Guangzhou facilities feature a warehouse directly stocked by the Italian headquarters, offering several cylinders, spare parts, and other vital tools for mold-users. Thanks to this constantly stocked warehouse, cylinders and spare parts can be easily sold and delivered all over China in just a few days, enriching the dynamism and quickness for which Vega is renowned all around the world.

Worldwide SupportVega Cylinders Support China

Another vital issue is offering customer-oriented support. Cylinders need to be constantly cared for, and that’s why technical experts are needed. Up until now, much of the support work has been performed by our team in Italy. However, experts living in the other half of the world were not enough for a constantly growing market like the Chinese one. Therefore, Vega decided to train experts living right on the spot. The new Guangzhou branch features a well-trained team of technical experts to answer all your questions, guiding you step by step in configuring and maintaining your cylinders. Moreover, thanks to the Vega YouKu channel, customer-oriented tips are always available, even in mainland China!

As Vega keeps growing in all the world, the quality of our products and the support that’s being offered grow as well, benefiting all our customers. Do you want to know more about our support, both in China and other countries? Visit our official website!

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