Vega’s First Webinar in USA!

Webinars are a highly flexible method for teaching all kinds of information, and they also can also be a powerful sales tool. Whether you do free or paid webinars, there’s no doubt that the benefits are HUGE.

In order to maintain like-new performance of today’s high demand molds and hydraulic cylinders, proper preventative maintenance is important, as well as recognizing wear early, before a complete failure. Maintenance is, of course, easier when proper application is used. If unreasonable wear occurs, it is most likely due to misuse or improper maintenance. We will address all of these concerns, and address best practice solutions.

Primary topics:

• Why Maintenance is Important

• Normal Wear and Tear

• The Importance of Cleanliness

• Cylinder Misuse and Human Error

Marco Zanon has been Vice Sales Manager for Vega Cylinders for the past 13 years. He has 10 years of experience prior to that in a technical office. He is very knowledgeable in mold requirements and movement. His experience with Vega hydraulic cylinders provides him with advanced knowledge, enabling him to provide solutions to the most complex requirements.

DATE & TIME: Thursday, November 3, 2016, 11 am ET (30 minutes duration) Register here!

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