Block Cylinders Compatibility


It’s a logical question, which requires a logical answer…

The main reasons are compatibility and versatility. Flexibility is also involved.

  1. Compatibility. Although many interface dimensions of V450 CM up to bore 50 are similar to other brands, others are not, and above that bore, situation is worse. The new V500 CZ, instead, has all interface dimensions compatible with most of the other brands. This is mainly an advantage for the customer. Indeed, it’s possible to replace one brand with another one without changes to the mold. Of course it is not so important for a new project, but may have the utmost importance in case of a machine breakdown.

  2. Versatility. Right now the V500 CZ is steel body, with bottom O-Ring oil supply. Anyway, the basic design calls for all kinds of oil supply types, as well as an aluminum alloy body, which can be equipped with magnetic switches. Also, mechanical or inductive switches can be applied to both materials of body. Finally, cushioning can be installed upon demand, keeping the interchangeability with other brands of block cylinders. With high speed cycles and large masses, this can make the difference.

As regards flexibility, right now the standard position of both keyway and fixing screws is as forward as possible. The design, anyway, considers the chance of placing such keyway and related holes for screws, in any position chosen by the customer. Of course, being made upon demand, this version will require more time and money.

Another very nice type of flexibility affects the rod: you can have, integral, both male-end type and floating-joint type. Useless to say how important and safe this can be.

Finally, the answers given above logically explain why Vega decided to make the new V500 CZ, and the many pros it has, compared to the ‘old’ but still valid V450 CM. By the way, the CZ may also overlap with the V250 CE and the V220 CC.

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