The Automotive Workhorse: V500CZ


Most of our customers know our V450 very well. Developed in 2002, it has quickly become one of our best sellers.

It’s easy to see why: it can reach up to 450 bars without breaking a sweat, it is extremely compact, and its wide choice of clamping and port positions makes it highly versatile, giving it a place even in the most crowded molds.

Fourteen years later, Vega is proud to announce the natural evolution of the V450 CM: the V500 CZ.

What can possibly be improved in an already such performing cylinder?

Let’s start with the stroke

The way it’s built, the V450 CM has limited stroke options, which means that both long strokes and intermediate strokes are more complex to manufacture, and therefore costlier for the final user. The V500 CZ overcomes this defect by using a pass-through body with a tightly sealed tap at the end, offering the same heavy duty performance with a much greater flexibility.

Another great innovation involves cushioning. Cushioning is a quite complex mechanism, which usually doesn’t belong to compact cylinders, due to its size. But Vega has developed a very performing and compact cushioning system already for its V215 CR. So why not adapt it so that it can serve the same purpose on the V500 CZ as well?

Thanks to this, it can reach speeds up to 0.5 m/s, opposite to the mere 0.1 m/s without cushioning, with just a negligible increase in total length.


V500 CZ is a Block Cylinder with system port of pre-dimensioned pattern (including o-ring ports, keyway and mounting holes) that can be positioned anywhere on the side of the cylinder. This Compact Hydraulic Cylinder reaches a maximum operating pressure 500bar with threaded oil ports(250 bar with o-ring system port). Primarily used for mold construction V500 CZ offers piston diameters from Ø25mm to Ø63mm and multiple mounting options available. Furthermore its piston rods are ground and hardened and can reach the stroke of 250 mm.

It is a breakthrough product, and many more changes will come. Vega will introduce more features in the NEAR future; among those, more clamping styles, switches, inductive sensors, longer strokes and other accessories.


If you would like to have a look at the current state of the cylinder, browse its catalogue by clicking on this link.

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