Case Study—Scraper Extrusion

A few years ago, one of our customers reported oil loss from the rod of his cylinder. How could it happen?

Analysis Results:

An accurate hydraulic test performed on workbench allowed us to analyze the issue and to see firsthand how copious the oil loss reported by our customer was, as the following picture shows:

Moreover, the seals of the cylinder were unevenly worn, and its scraper was extruded. Such a wearing and extrusion cannot be caused by low-quality materials. On the contrary, it may be caused by the misalignment of the rod due to application. When there is a misalignment between the moving part and the cylinder rod, its seals undergo a constant and uneven compression. In time, this misalignment may cause the seals to wear out, consequently extruding the scraper.

Possibile solutions:

Since the extrusion is probably caused by a misalignment of the rod, the best solution is using floating joints (see Vega products catalog). If they are already being used, we suggest making sure that the coupling with the seat within the mold is properly made: in case it is too ‘tight’, the same constraint condition could take place again.

In addition, in order to avoid future misalignments, scraper extrusions and seal wearing, we suggest performing a regular maintenance of all your cylinders. The following article may prove to be most useful:

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